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The ever-changing life of the land, in particular, the land of Israel, where I was born, and the land of my present home in Northern California, inspires me.


Like many immigrants, I search for connection between the land in which I live and my internal landscape of memory. These landscapes, simultaneously intimate and vast, come together in my work.


Trained as a Psychologist, the human condition fascinates me. I use glass as an analogy, challenging the material in different ways. Working with pâte de verre since 2014, I have developed a method of casting without using the traditional plaster silica molds.  


Hope, loss, memory, and the fleetingness of time are recurring themes in my work. I strive to create intimate spaces that speak of our emotional existence and to tell a story of fragility and strength, vulnerability, and resilience as we go through this ephemeral journey we call life. 

Tali Grinshpan Art
Tali Grinshpan Art
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